Digital Printed Fabric Manufacturers and Exporters

Digital Printing On Polyester

Sankalp Creation has deeply interested in printing technology and has set up Industrial Digital Printing Machinery for the next generation Cotton and Polyester fabrics. In our digital printing, there is very little waste of clothes, ink, water or electricity. We use environment-friendly, water-based inks, and no additional chemicals are used.

How Polyester is easy to maintain?

Polyester doesn’t demand high care, it just very little care of it and tolerate most of the detergents. Flat fiber makes polyester dirt- and water-repelling. Polyester is also relatively resistant to sunlight.

Polyester fabric is especially popular for sport and outdoor textiles due to its water-repelling, sweat transporting and fast drying qualities.

As the Polyester fabric is not able to crinkle or shrink and may be washed at any temperatures whether it is high or low. Polyester is a hard-wearing material, tolerates sunlight and is less sensitive to high temperatures than many other synthetic fibers. Polyester fabrics only fade slowly.

Polyester fabric is easy to maintain. Therefore, polyester is often the preferred choice for fabric in public spaces where wear and tear are unavoidable.

Polyester For Printing Material

Polyester is a synthetic fiber material and it has become one of the most common textile fibers today and it is used for all types of clothing, upholstery, household textiles and many types of technical fabrics. The Polyester Fiber is very strong and can be used alone or it can be blended with other fibers.

Our well-equipped facilities allow customers to use their creative digitally print from the furnishing fabrics of the house, kaftan, Dupatta, suit, scarf, bag, Duvets, cushions, sarongs, dresses and skirts. There is no limit on the number of colors or the expansion of the design and the orders start with only one meter.

Sankalp Creation is a customer-friendly environment ensuring time efficiency, affordability and flexibility to our clients. Sankalp Creation offers the Digital Printed Fabrics which are stringently tested for quality, colorfastness, and everlasting printing before the shipment.